Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Equipment Solutions

EPEC supplies wastewater treatment process equipment, systems, and services for a variety of facilities and applications, industrial and municipal. We serve the entire state of Kansas as well as Western Missouri.


  • Aeration: Aquarius Technologies, Invent Environmental Technologies, Ovivo


  • Gas Cleaning: Biorem Technologies, Inc.
  • Power Generation: ElectraTherm

Biological Treatment

  • Activated Sludge
    • BNR: Aero-Mod
    • IFAS (Integrated Fixed-film Activated Sludge): World Water Works
    • MBBR (Moving Bed Biological Reactor): World Water Works
    • MBR (Membrane Bio Reactor): SUEZ
    • MSABP™ (Multi-Stage Activated Biological Process- Fixed Biofilm System): Aquarius Technologies
    • Oxidation Ditch: Ovivo
    • Package Plants
  • Aeration/Blowers
    • Aerators / Mixers: Invent Environmental Technologies
    • Blowers: Aerzen
    • Diffused Aeration: Aquarius Technologies
    • On-Site Oxygen Generation: Pacific Consolidated Industries
  • Lagoons
    • Baffle Curtains: JPS Industries
    • Modular Covers: JPS Industries
    • Nitrification & Phos Removal: Triplepoint Water Technologies


  • Circular Clarifiers: Ovivo
  • Dissolved Air Flotation: World Water Works


  • Aerobic
    • Aeration: Aquarius Technologies, Ovivo
    • Aerators / Mixers: Invent Environmental Technologies, Landia, Ovivo
    • Blowers: Aerzen
    • ATAD (Authothermal Thermophylic Aerobic Digestion): Thermal Process Systems
  • Anaerobic
    • Covers: Ovivo
    • Gas Storage: Ovivo
    • Mixing: Ovivo (LM Mixer)
    • Pretreatment: Ovivo, SUEZ (Monsal)
    • Post-treatment: Ovivo
  • Sidestream Treatment: Ovivo (PAQ), SUEZ MABR, Thermal Process Systems


  • On-Site Oxygen Generation: Pacific Consolidated Industries
  • UV: Aquionics

Filtration (Tertiary)

  • Ceramic Plate (Silicon Carbide Membranes): Ovivo
  • Membrane: SUEZ

Headworks/Primary Treatment

  • Headworks/Primary Treatment: Enviro-Care, Ovivo


  • Mixing: Invent Environmental Technologies, Landia, Ovivo

Nutrient Recovery

  • Nutrient Recovery: Ovivo, Renewable Nutrients, Thermal Process Systems

Odor & Corrosion Control

  • Activated Carbon/Scrubbers: ECS Environmental Solutions, Purafil
  • Biofilter: Biorem Technologies, Inc., ECS Environmental Solutions
  • Ozone / Pipe Oxygen: Anue Water Technologies
  • Accessories (FRP Ductwork and Dampers): ECS Environmental Solutions

Sludge/Solids Handling

  • Belt Filter Press: Aero-Mod
  • Conveying: Custom Conveyor Corp, Enviro-Care
  • Centrifuge: GEA Westfalia Separator
  • Pumping: Börger
  • Screw Press: PWTech

Slurry Pumping

  • Rotary Lobe: Börger


  • Steel-bolted: Tarsco

Toxic/Gas Scrubbers

  • Emergency Gas Scrubbers: Purafil